MOC: Humppa-Pub

 Yes, it's finally done!

(Actually, it has been done for two weeks now, but I didn't manage to photograph until today.)

This is, as you probably have noticed, another MOC concerning my favourite band, Eläkeläiset, that plays humppa (old Finnish dance-music related to fast foxtrot) covers of other people's and bands' songs. Here's a couple of examples of band's humppas. Their logo is Humppaava Poro, the reindeer that does humppa, which I built using pneumatic hoses. Here's a reference pic. I'm very happy with it.

 This pub is located somewhere is Germany, as Eläkeläiset is pretty well-known there. It seems that there's something in the beautiful rhythm that attracts Germaniacs even when they don't understand a word of band's lyrics... So, I built a big KNEIPE sign to the facade. If we can trust the Internet, it means pub. And if it doesn't, the big pint on the roof should clear things up.  

Inside the building the band is playing and the dancefolk is dancing. In other words, humppa exists. Kristian Voutilainen batters the drums (the drumsticks are pieces that connects FABULAND figs' legs...), Martti Waris bounces the bass, Lassi Kinnunen abuses the accordion, Petteri Halonen strums the organ and Onni Waris plays the electric violin while he murders his organ. The merchandise master Pekka Jokinen is selling his treasures in the corner. Merry fellows!
 The building isn't than modern, probably an old house from GDR, completed with super modern cooling systems (there's a big fan inside the circle thing) and decanted plaster. Brick-bricks are used there to achieve the effect. Bikes and garbage containers add some colour. Plus there's a box of beer for emergency use. The punks have set on an illegal campfire and they are somewhat pissed of old humppa-folk... What means hard time to them. There are also some lights on the roof ridge, mostly because I ran out of tan tiles and bricks... The kleinbus bandwagon is parked on a SNOT parking lot on the other side of the building.

Make sure to check the Brickshelf gallery with lot of pictures when it's public.



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