Who watches the Watchfigs?

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's Watchmen is one of the best books ever made. Some of these figs have been posted on the Internet before, but they are mostly new designs.

Edward Blake, The Comedian, in his patriotic leather armour. The blue shoulder armour is a helmet from Power Miners line, and the American stripe cloth on the other side is constructed using few parts. The visor is connected with 1x2 TECHNIC liftarm on the back. It's completely purist but not very stable. I very happy with the Collectable minifigures series 5 gangster head. It captures The Comedian's attitude quite well.

This Rorschach is my only unpurist fig ever made and I'm not very proud of it. I don't like drawing to bricks (even when it's just another ugly fantasy era skeleton head and the marker is water-soluble..) and the mask didn't come up very good. The white pattern on the torso is just a piece of paper slipped between the torso and the bandanna (Which represents the trench coat's collar, I hope it would be brown). Well, at least the trousers are correct color and the cleaver from series 6 butcher works quite well.
Laurie Juspeczyk, or Silk Spectre II, is quite simple design with couple of rubber bands. The bright-light orange torso (From hazmat guy) makes a nice difference with the skin colour, yellow. Head from series 6 flamenco dancer has the correct beauty spot.
Daniel Dreiberg, Nite Owl II, is simple as well. The old miner helmet has nice ears on it, but I'm not that happy with the goggles. Goggles printed on head could work better, but I don't have any proper goggle-heads. Head from GB team swimmer could work quite well. I'll probably pick up one from BL some day. Nite Owl's cool owl cape is quite impossible to make correctly with LEGO pieces, so I went for basic cape instead. I've also built Dan's Owlship couple of years ago, and modified it a bit some time ago (yesterday, actually) and I'm planning to take better pictures of it soon.
Doctor Manhattan is done with basic pieces and some hue help with Gimp. Basically naked blue superman has yellow legs, Sea King's torso and crash test dummy head. Crash test logo isn't a hydrogen atom, but it's close enough. An it's quite unlike that LEGO will ever do a head with hydrogen atom logo, isn't it?


Samuel Willmot said...

Love all of them! Especially Rorschach!

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