Sci-fi Figbarf

 These guys are not the everyday residents of the galaxy... But hey, it takes all sorts to fill the universe!

The Clegman is a intergalactic bounty hunter and scumbag (literally). He likes everything related to dung, but the employees still buy his services: The Clegman's compound eyes never miss a victim, especially after they are shot by his Auto-Rot shotgun.
 VPK48 is an ordinary bot of the Fire Brigade of Kamppe-Pääg 98 system. After the intergalactic brigades fired (heh heh heh heh) all their firemen (or actually firecreatures) the fire damages have decreased enormously: The bots don't breathe and can easily carry all the helpless kittens and kids and eggs and spawns even with their heavy fire-resistant armours on.

Herman von Boole is the sophisticated mayor of Asteroid Futu-Wenk-B77. Some complain about the lack of money and effort put to health care, education and infrastructure, but at least the asteroid is the universe's center of ballet, opera and Venusian burping performances
Albard Fredrikson is simply nobody. He works in an office, has a couple of kids and a mortgage. Really, nothing more to say about him, but it might be soothing to hear that even in the super-technologized futu world there is ones of his kind.
Katar Gan-Grando is a fearless journalist and reporter. She is famous for publishing the leaks of Nat
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