Scifi-figbarf: Volume II

 Here's some more blokes and gals around the galaxy, this time in a bit more militaristic spirit. So load your rayguns and vaporizers!
 Some of you might have met Grookab, Blacktron II Captain Albert von Kopony's first mate, before, but he just wanted to get in this photo and he really isn't a guy that takes "no" as an answer. Grookab loves his three-barrel vaporizer shotgun and his Lowerjaw helmet is an heirloom of his grandgrandgrandfather from the Great War of Meteorblitzkrieg.
 Kheera Rumbaudibbel is one of these green thinking girls who have taken the justice to their own hands. She's an ecoterrorist according the Hyperspacecapitalists or a defender of the weak according to herself, but at least her actions to prevent overlogging can be vindicated with the fact that she's a plant herself... And I don't mean she would be braindead, but her skin actually has chlorophyll and can form sugar with carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.
 Xatnam Gruggah is a cult leader from the black abysses of the outer space; I wonder if you are surprised? But the truth is that once he was a normal boy. Okay, a spawn. Well, a normal spawn with dark-red scarred skin and mollusks. But he didn't get enough advice with his studies, became marginalized from the society and started to spend time with nasty gangs. Now he has billions of followers all around the galaxy and he is worshipped as a god by many. How sad.
 Lieutenant Jillian Daniels was one of the officers of Governor-Commander Justunus at the war of Invasion. She lead a band of Red Typhoons special unit with a great success. And hey... Goddamn longcoats. Goddamn longcoats under space armour! Whee!
Sir Barhaeon Vermont was another veteran of the Invasion War, giving advice even to the Governor-Commander himself. Vermont was nearly shot dead in the greatest battle of northern deserts, but his goddamn longcoat under space armour stopped the missile. A cluster took his eye, but it is easier to aim with one after all.



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