MOC: Toa Iniko

 And for now, something completely different! I mean, three years has passed since the end of Bionicle (and I have to say that I don't miss it, really) so I'm sure everyone is drooling to see some ol' good Toa-Mods! Either way, here's Iniko. He's a veteran Toa of Earth from Bio-Klaani, an organization fighting against the evil Nazorak empire in the Klaanon collaboration novel thing.

As a big number of "good guys" in Klaanon are actually former members of Bio-Klaani, Finnish (formerly) Bionicle-based (formerly) forum, I had some inspiration material for this MOC. Iniko, who disappeared probably in 2009 or 2010 has some old self-MOCs in his Brickshelf folder, so I began building a somewhat "modernized" version. I took the black-purple color scheme, as the it is very striking (the old purple is one of my favourite LEGO colors, but I rather dislike the current "dark purple") and the gold used in some versions didn't work very well to my eye. Because most of purple parts available are some a bit "retro-ish" Bionicle and TECHNIC parts from late 90s and early 00s (that's my early childhood) so this MOC came out as a combination of old and new action figure building techniques.

 There is actually even a classic gear function in this MOC due to Slizer (some call them throwbots) torso. When the small gear in the butt is turned, the body bends (see the last photo)! Well, not as snazzy as Tahu swinging his almighty Fire Sword, but at least that's something.

I made Iniko rather well armoured and wanted to achieve a look similar to Big Daddy of the first Kick-Ass movie. The HF pec armour and Drilldozer shoulder shell are some of my favourite HF pieces, and they worked suprisingly well with some black KK2 armoring, giving grand and well-armoured look. The round shaped also matched the black Miru quite well. Some basic Bionicle parts like Mata feet and Metru limbs make sure it still has some Bionicle aesthetics.

I changed the drill-like weapon to a bit more impressive pike with some scorpion blades, probably stolen from poor Lord Vladek. It's war after all. AND WAR IS HELL. IIiiiiIiIIIIIIIiiiiIIi!



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