MOC: Bofur

 Ahoy, more dwarves coming up! Today it is Bofur's turn. The dwarf with his famous hat and positive attitude is masterfully acted by Jimmy Nesbitt and was one of the more important dwarves in the first Hobbit film.

This dwarf was on a WIP stage since June. I ran out of fingers some time ago, and had to lend four from Dwalin. I should BL them, but damn I'm stingy! Kick me.

I'm very happy with Bofur's face, as the inverted 1x3 arc with some teeth (or a tooth) creates the iconic smile. The braid idea came from my friend Humppakeksi and Sweetsha's Metal Head beat me using it.

Bofur also has a smaller nose than the most of other dwarves.
The torso and limbs are similar to Bifur's, as the cousins used a very similar costumes. Bofur's scarf and belt bag make him unique, though, alongside with the furred boots (I'd like to have boots like that).

 I'm very happy with the wristbands, too. The underside of the plate has such a great pattern and I pondered a long time how to build them. The design isn't the most sturdiest one (the plates are connected to a 2x2 jumper which is connected to the 2x2 brick via a "stud-pin") but works on a display.

  Bofur is completed with his mining mattock, a perfect household tool to be buried in an orc skull. It was actually the first part I built for this dwarf: The LEGO design for it was on my mind almost immediately I saw it!

And last but not least, here's a group portrait of family B. Bifur has gone through some changes (the arms are sturdier and the head is more accurate. See another views here and here.

Have good time waiting the Desolation of Smaug premiere and the release of extended Unexpected Journey,



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