A Humppa-trip: Classic alcohol-hiding scene from autobahn

 Finnish masters of Humppa, Eläkeläiset (The Pensioners), are hiding some liquid treasures for oncoming use near autobahn during a gig trip somewhere in Germany. I built this MOC
Humppa in Legoland: Petteri Halonen, Kristian Voutilainen,
Lassi Kinnunen, Martti Varis, Onni Varis
 somehow inspired by my friend Humppakeksi's Humppa-park project when we got a change to show these thing to actual band. More of this later.

I wanted to build the iconic Volkswagen Kleinbus which the band used on their gig trips on their earlier pension days. The bus in extremely irrationally built and uses all sorts of SNOT and offset techniques. The base and the widows are forward-SNOT, sides of the chassis are side-SNOT and the back and the front are combination of all of them. The base is six studs and one plate wide. The bus, however, is suprisingly sturdy and has decent amount of space inside (an electric organ and a crate of beer bottles there amused the band members quite a lot). I'm quite happy how the from came out, though I'd like to have some 1x2 modifiled tiles with handle in white to make the front windows in right color.
The real monsters of Humppa: Kristian Voutilainen, Martti Varis,
Lassi Kinnunen, Petteri Halonen, Onni Varis.

We were able to show our humppa-creations to their paragons when the band had an album-releasing gig (The newest album, Humppasheikkailu, was released 14.3.2012) in our hometown. We weren't old enough to partake in the gig, but we listened  some sound-checks few hours before it and had some chat with the band members. They liked our MOCs quite a lot (especially the drummer Kristian Voutilainen's additional stomach caused hilarity among them) and put the pics of them on their facebook pages.

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