MOC: Melville Blizzard XL

 First of all, I'm terribly sorry of the late time lately. I have had a lot of time with LEGO, but the weather outside has been rather terrible for some time so I hadn't got chance to take photos of my new creations... It was either rainy, or as in most of times, too dark. Usually when I arrive home from school sun has already set. I tried to took photos another day but they turned out rather bad. Luckily the weather was better today.

This Hero guy called Melville Blizzard XL (Yep, it's me doing HF MOC) is an older project from last summer. I tried different leg designs to HF sets to capture the coolness of ankle guards of 1.0 sets. It came up pretty well, but other parts of the MOC didn't and I abandoned the project. It laid on my Bionicle building desk for few months until I finished it on last weekend.

Aside the legs the build is pretty basic with some gimmicks on the torso and the shield. I'm rather happy with the colour scheme, blue, white and keetorange flow together nicely.

I'm not that happy with the thighs though, I wished to use a longer shell but I didn't have them on right colours. I originally used trans-yellow ones from Waspix but they didn't work that well. At least the visorak feet behind them make them a little bit beefier.

Stay tuned for more both Bionicle and SYSTEM stuff in the near future. I have another MOC photographed and I will post it during the following days.



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