MOC: Vampire Hearse

Yep, I'm a bit late for Halloween. But I have to blame the weathers again. This is the first winter of this blog, and winter in Finland means darkness, especially when there's no snow at all. Today I managed to get some time in daylight to take pics of some MOCs.

This is my "revamp" of Monster Fighters 9464 Vampyre Hearse. I loved the idea of that set, a cool big Hot Rod Hearse to theme's main antagonist. But I wasn't completely happy with the set's design, it was somewhat too modern compared to Haunted House or Vampyre Castle, so I didn't buy it but built my own versions instead.

This MOC was on a WIP stage for a long time. I started (and built most of it) during my summer holiday but them somehow forgot the project on my table. I had the Humppa-pub going on alongside some Bionicle projects, including Ragnfast the Viking, and they seemed somewhat more interesting. I have to thank my ol' buddy Humppakeksi for reminding me about this thing. I couldn't have ever finished this without you.

The MOC itself is mainly straightforward build, lots of basic brick-on-brick with some SNOT on the front and the back cabin. The trans-clear 2x1x5 bricks were my only parts to represent the big long hearse windows, so I had to use some more special techniques here. Or oh well, SNOT isn't so special any more.
 I'm very happy with the front. Bigger and more triangular vampire teeth on the mudguards and some more teeth with bloody gums to add some horror feel. Plus completely unexplained odd turbine to block the view of the undead driver.

Because the original set included steampunk monster fighter Rodney Rathbone with his motorcycle, I decided to add Monster Hunter Aubrey Treesparrow Melledy from my previous steampunk figbarf with his special diesel motorcycle. It's equipped with augmented diesel tank, saddlebags, armored front and special floodlight to blind the pesky vampire.



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