MOC: Warrek

 I don't really like the fact that in GregF's Bionicle canon Skakdis are usually just a gang of ugly bullies looking for something to steal and pillage. Fortunately the things are different in Bio-Klaani's Klaanon project: Sure, Warrek isn't the most beautiful boy in the class, and he probably has some thefts and pillages on his earnings, but he really has a heart (I wouldn't be so sure about the liver though) and yes, he could be seen as a freedom fighter (at least after few beers on the Dead Ruki's Tavern).

Warrek was once a general on the Great Civil War of Zakaz. He was not on the wrong side, but on a losing side. Group of talented Watchman-rifle-wielding skakdi warriors including Colonel Guardian fought under his command, but they were traitored and warlord Nektann's troops won. I don't believe Warrek was one of those who use to call the war Great; he was traumatized, he was alcoholized, and within the years he became a permanent boozer on Dead Ruki's Tavern. 

But the old dog haven't yet forgotten his old tricks. Or he may be, but after few pints he will remember them. And when he pulls out his wartime Zamor handgun, Nektann's troop should watch out if they don't want to lose some of their biomechanic body parts or get their heads stuck permanently in a pickle barrel.

This MOC was quite a interesting to build. The suspenders were super necessary (They are actually reference to Malcom Reynold's suspenders in Joss Whedon's Firefly, which settings are quite similar to Zakaz. Warrek and his men (or reptilians) were the browncoats of the Bionicle universe) and I also wanted to build some clawed boot-looking feet to add a bit more western look. I also didn't use any bright light orange on the legs because he really wears pants, or at least pants-looking armour. With shin armour, because bar brawls can be intricate.

The character is created by my good mate Dr.U and somewhat deepened by Guardian (Strange man, looks like an Easter island statue, kills with irony).



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