Old MOC revamp: Karmenna

This MOC, Dragon Warrioress Karmenna, is one of my own favourites. I built it on January of this year, around a year ago. But it wasn't perfect back then.

From the original version I have changed quite a many little things. The middle and lower torso are rebuilt. The hip area of the original version was quite odd and the back was rather wide and blocky. The connection of Toa Inika shoulder guards (great pieces!) that are used as a side armours must be four units (or studs) wide, and there are only few ways to build small four-wide TECHNIC units with necessary connection points. The old version was oddly shaped  and used for example a bit clumsy ball socket, but this design uses more special TECHNIC connectors. You can see it better here.

The hair is a bit shorter, as I used my two middle tail pieces in Steampunk Qwena's hair. But I prefer this version, as it allows more movement to the head. It is also sturdier.

Legs are a bit sturdier and realistic. I added Visorak feet (another great piece) back of the femurs to make them more boot-like. The upper legs are also a bit more smooth. They are still quite a poseable. 

 She has now dragon skull armours on her both shoulders. I randomly picked another from Bionicle bin on second-hand LEGO shop in Berlin. I like how the another armour balanced the dark red with black. She also holds her sword more realistically now.

More pics on Brickshelf.



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