WIP: Bag End

 Hey guys. I'm back.

I'm terribly sorry about my three-week absence. I was busy, very busy, with full-schedule upper secondary school period and other happenings. I have been building stuff, of course I have, but haven't been able to post anything. The photographing is the problem: I usually take photos outside with sunlight, but because I live in rather north, there is not much sunlight there. Not to mention the weather outside: It's currently -23 Celsius (-9.4 Fahrenheit). That's quite chilly, not too cold for being outside but rather cold to photograph plastic models.

And yes, I have a Bag End project. I felt like I should build something about the recently-released Hobbit film (That was excellent) and so I spontaneously started this project few weeks ago. It's rather large one, and really wish I have guts and pieces to finish it. It's an interesting building to build: as we know, round shapes are not the easiest things to build with LEGO, and hobbit holes have heaps of them. And I made it even more complex by angling the left wall with hinges a bit.

I currently having far too less tan bricks to make the walls because of the Humppa-Pub which I'm not taking apart any time soon. But I'm waiting to buy the Unexpected gathering as soon as possible, hopefully with -20-30% clearance after Christmas. It's price is 100€ here, which is 132 USD, so I really don't want to buy the full price. But I need some parts of it to this project (The door, macaroni parts, windows and the whole lot of green and tan parts) and that set is very well designed too, not to mention the brilliant figs (I have to see the Hobbit another time soon).

I'm trying to be a bit more active on the future. Luckily my Christmas Holiday began today, so I have around 10 days of freedom to come. And the winter solstice was yesterday, so the days will be longer, and I will have more time to take photos of my MOCs. Take care, people, and stay tuned for (hopefully!) another entry before the Christmas eve.



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