Poseable minifig arms

I've built lots of minifigs lately. Today morning I took photos of 21 minifigs. I took the pics outside, as the lightning is a lot better there. I tried to shoot some of them few weeks ago indoors, but the pics didn't work out. Luckily it was only -5C and clear weather. Finnish winter is dark and long (but very beautiful).
These figs are an example of poseable arm design I came up with one day. It may of may not have been done before, I don't know. It simply uses small snippets of pneumatic hose that can be connected to both mifig hands and torsos' arm holes. It's surprisingly sturdy design, especially with the old "empty" torsos.
I will likely use this technique on my upcoming MOCs and figs. It allows some more dynamic poses (I especially like the mafioso on the left) and also works as a purist option to V&A Steamwork's ingenious straight arms. Pneumatic hose isn't very expensive on Bricklink, so this isn't going to kill anyone's wallet. Feel free to use if you find this interesting.



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