MOC: Father Zeeron

 No, he's not Father Christmas despite the date. He doesn't eat ham or turkey or gingerbread or whatever people use to stuff into their mouths during the Christmas season. No, this old Matoran guy who lives in a tree in the deep Lehu-Forest only eats mushrooms. A lot of mushrooms. A lot of mushrooms that no one seems to care about.

But Zeeron's not a complete madman, even though he mutters to himself and reads other people's thoughts all the time. He's an ancient telepathic cleric, one of those who know the religion and lore of Athism by heart.

This MOC is sort of a revamp or mod, but then in other hand it is not. I have mentioned the Klaanon project few times in this blog. It is a bionicle-ish story written by group of Finnish old sort-of bionicle fans. It's a huge thing and I can't really explain it here, but some of my bionicle MOCs hopefully give some bits about the project.

The character Zeeron is not created by me, but it is actually based on one anonymous MOC by me:  the Athist Monk. The character turned out to be rather interesting and likable, so I decided to revamp the MOC to make it feel more the guy appearing in the story.

The tweaks are mostly basic stuff - filling the caps on the torso, making the arms more poseable with some fingers, adding some interesting eyes (taps they are) and updating the accessories, giving him a rotten wooden stick and a mushroom; the mushroom is important.


Post Scriptum: Merry Christmas!


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