Magadril of Dandelions

This was another character build made during the last busy weeks of spring semester. The starting points were cloth pieces used as spider cocoons in The Hobbit sets and a sticker sheet that came with some Elves sets years back. And the character herself was definitely inspired by watching Lego Elves during the pandemic. There’s something similar in the aesthetics.

I began with the cloth piece that formed the top with a pleasant, silky pattern. The sticker sheet featured almost tattoo-like sketches of people and dragons, so I applied one to tan 1x2x2 brick, as it was too long for more versatile 2x2 tile. Thus the stomach far formed with 1x2x2 brick on the middle. Another piece use I had had in mind for a while was medium blue wide barrels as sleeves, and they fitted the overall style well; bare arms could have looked bit dull, and sort of puffed sleeves balanced the colour scheme nicely. I left the upper arms bare to give the attire light, fantasy feel.

Making skirts with enough room for legs to move is a common challenge in character builds, as readers of this blog might be familiar with. On this case things turned surprisingly well. The skirt construction with four 1x1 round-plate-with-bar stuck into 2x2 round tile (in the middle, under the bow) is similar to my Nissa character build from last summer. The aqua belt connects to upper pair of those pieces, hiding the gap, and 4x4 macaroni bricks connect to the lower pair, forming the sides of the dress. Light blue car door, originating from some old RLUG support, make a neat line on the hem. The front panel is made with perfectly fitting wedge plates, furbished with macaroni tiles and Spider-Man’s web piece. I quite like those web accessories, as they have some sweet geometric patterns with handy connection points. The legs are based on Herald of Carp Speeder’s legs, but these actually go up all the way. The hip joint is even on the right height! The feet are bare, inspired by Galadriel.

Hair is always interesting part to build. I tried some vibrant colours, as well as sand green on this, as in Elves theme, but something more mundane and elegant worked better with white and bluish colours of the dress. I settled on silver as I had plenty of dinosaur tails for locks and octagonal frame pieces for the forehead to connect everything. The crown of trans-medium-blue claw piece settled it; the upper octagonal frame is angled 11.25 degrees, so the spikes of the crown are nicely dense. This element was not part of the original concept (no sketches were made as I was home all the time) but it fitted the fantasy theme nicely as did the sleeves.



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