MOC: Ambrose Steet 23

 Here's a modular house. My first actual modular house, to tell the truth. There are no interior nor even floors, as this one was build for one purpose only: War  Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo RY's house building contest on our biggest annual exhibit, Model Expo, that took place last week.

We had separate voting for LUG members and the audience. I got the third place on both and got Ideas Birds set (which is fantastic!) and Creator red dragon (neat parts pack). This was my only MOC on collaborative works this year, as I had my The Hobbit figures, Mustrum, Purifier and Kira and I went there by train.

Building this was quite neat - I mostly tablescrapped some greebles and ideas and then stuck them together. I did not want any baroque supergreebled style, and tried to go with Jugend aesthetics, but it ended up looking neo-gothic. It's probably a bit due to the dramatic color scheme and mostly due to the tower; my Model Expo contest buildings usually end up with tower like that. The lower part of the roof of the tower is a trick by Derfel Cadarn, but I added a dice-based ball to it to make it interesting.

At the beginning the tower began from the street level, but I abandoned it because I didn't have enough 1x2xX tan bricks for it. There were going to be a balcony instead of it at a time, and once the black minifig statues were going to held a ball like Atlas figures, but I ended up with tower eventually to give the house a neat profile. There is some trickery done with trans-clear plates, turntable bases and minifig legs to make some interesting windows to it. I didn't have enough black windows so I went with a thing like this; it looks quite good but isn't very sturdy. Minifig legs are excellent SNOT pieces, by the way.

The first and second floor of the house are asymmetrical. I wanted to put a door on one side only, so it was natural to make different windows on the second floor too. There are some serious offsetting done to get stuff inside the arches; The door frame is my favourite one. The big round lantern is taken from Brasshill's Town Hall, and connected to Cafe Corner style cool round thing using skeleton legs I have a lot in tan.

I didn't want to put lot of going on to the pavement to keep the focus on architecture (which I am trying to get to study in the university). There are a couple of street lamps of my own design and a surprisingly accurate minifig of myself.



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