MOC: Fury Road: Max and Furiosa

 V8! Valhalla! Witness me, bloodbag! Mediocre, Morsov!

Mad Max: Fury Road was amazingly breathtaking movie. It was, like, whee, super cool. Flaming guitars and all. I think it's the best film of 2010s, so far, though I naturally haven't seen every film released since 2010; This might also be the best film of 21th century, but comparing it to Lord of the Rings trilogy and Spirited away is a bit problematic (Porco Rosso is still the best film though). 

I think I started to make first version of Furiosa in June or July, month or two after seeing the film; But it didn't somehow work, the legs weren't poseable, they were just stiff like bricks. I knew from the beginning I'm going to build Max too - He's Mad Max, after all. First parts of Max (Head prototype and parts of the jacket) were build a month or two ago, simultaneously rebuilding most of Furiosa, and they were completed in a building fury last weekend.

Legs were overall the biggest challenge here; LEGO bricks doesn't give very good options for building human trousers that are poseable and natural. Fortunately both Max and Furiosa wear tight leather trousers, as baggy shapes are hard. They might be a bit robotic, but at least the posing makes the characters look a lot more natural.

The colors were interesting, too. Max's jacket and trousers look black in earlier films, but in Fury Road everything is covered in lot of dust so dark grey looked more accurate; Black is used only on Furiosa's undershirt and Max's harness. Both bleys and old greys are used together to create dirty look.

The clothing had enough details to make the building interesting. On Furiosa I'm particularly happy with the belts, where different browns add nice variety. The belt accessory with the steering wheel and the chains were nice touch too. Max's harness worn in the last third of the film includes lot of stuff and deemed lot of image browsing to get them right; The shoulder pad was always going to be the round CBBS add-on, a piece I love. Other things I like here is the dark tan minifig bag on the harness and the iconic leg brace on the left leg.

Max and Furiosa naturally needed some firepower to fight Immortan Joe's War Boys. Furiosa's sniper rifle was a obvious choice, but as it's impossible to make natural shooting stances with it, I also equipped her with a revolver (not based on anything particular, but there were lot of guns in the film). Max has a sawed shotgun, not used with the harness, but it was so iconic part of the character I couldn't miss it. And it is seen in the film, after all, just in a different scene.

I wonder if I should build Nux and Immortan Joe, too. I think I could. They both have their iconic look that would be interesting to catch in brick form. We'll see. But, until then, here was Max and Furiosa. I hope they weren't mediocre. What a lovely day!



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