MOC: Adela

Celebrating the new layout of my blog, here's an old WIP finished. This dates back to March, I think. I had this "root" of a red/white/black dress. I began with couple of 3x4 curved wedge slopes, and black lacing done with black Viking horns. But the dress overall changed a lot. At a time it was black-and-white and somewhat maid-themed, and later got some brown and more steampunk influences. A lid for Toa Metru canister was used as the bottom part for while, but it didn't work, and had been used numerous times before by other builders like L.A. Miranda for example. So I went on with more wedge slopes - pieces I love and had recently bought a lot from BL - that allowed me to continue the black-and-white pattern further. It helped to create a sort of vintage art-deco feel on the dress. I also included couple of odd freight train contrainer halves to the hem. It's a nice piece I last used on Plutonian Warrior Mining Robot's ankles.
The long gloves (Is there more specific term? No idea) were there from the beginning. They are similar to my current "basic bare arm" design, but making them white avoided the usage of tan 1x1 clip tiles (rare and expensive) and 1x2x2 slopes (not rare nor expensive, but rather recent so I don't have too many). The elbow is similar to Lingeán's. Old hockey puck (with axle hole) is used to represent the strap.

After these parts - The dress and the arms - were finished, the thing was left for two or three months. I quite liked what I had acquired, but didn't have the spark to finish it, and didn't have too much time in my hands anyway. Until, around last week, after coming home from mathematics test (I'm trying to get into a university to study architecture - The art tests will take place next week) I just grabbed it, made the legs (took several hours to get them right) and and chose to take a different route with the MOC; I didn't make it into an another standing character, but built a base with some cushions or blankets and hinged the torso and designed the hair so that it would land nicely on the base. The neck is also asymmetrical and looks odd on other poses - I wanted to make the "stretched" side a bit more realistic. TLG should totally make Mixel ball joints in other colors than greys.
When photographing, I realized that I can take some standing poses too, though it required some minor tweaks and they didn't look that perfect; But something different to finish this blog post with! The legs might be a bit too short on the standing pose, I'm not sure. But it ended up staying upright surprisingly well, taking that the legs were planned completely with horizontal position in mind.

Mosquitoes were a bloody nuisance when taking photographs. I photoshopped quite a few of them out. That's summer in Finland to you.


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