MOC: Admiral Ackbar

 So here I am again! Gap between the builds became longer than expected, despite this fishy fellow being photographed at the same session with Madventures. But there has been lot to do. I was on a LUG event last weekend in Imatra, where I saved the future of Finnish brickfilm with my fellow Vuhvelituotanto founder Esko. We held a workshop and got maybe a minute or two of good-quality stop motion; a compilation will follow. I also had collection of newer builds on display (including this one). Check photos on Mikko Kortelainen's photostream. And in addition to that, I have been getting ready for our two-month exhibit on local museum complex Vapriikki. My modulars are pretty much completed, road pavings, back walls and everything! I'm getting the old bit (New Century Corner) from Joensuu this Friday and then it's showtime.

But yes; Ackbar! Our favourite admiral and definitely my favourite minor character from Star Wars; also the first SW MOC on this blog, despite Original Trilogy (honestly, I didn't like Clones or Menace much even as a kid; Sith is alright) having huge effect on me something like a decade ago. And last November I went to watch Rogue One, and there was this new Mon Calamari admiral Raddus, who was great in his Churchill-like attitude. I wanted to build him, but I thought that hell, I'll build Ackbar first, he's more iconic, having the fantastic and memetic lines like "Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" and "Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer" and "May the force be with us". Raddus might follow in the future, who knows.

This was going to be full size figure, but I managed to capture the eyes rather nicely on this bigger scale and it ended up being a bust; No chance making a complete Ackbar in this scale, almost all of my white bricks are already on use. At least this scale made it possible to precisely build the bristles of his "beard".

In general, this build was a fast two-day session between bigger and somewhat more important projects. I just grabbed most of my dark red system parts and tried to make Mon Calamari out of them. I'm happy with the result. There should be more session builds like this. Maybe there will be after the New Century City Block.



Nicklas said...

Is there any way of getting hold of the instructions for this AMAZING build?!?

Unknown said...

Yes please!

HotshotsKings said...

Hi, I love this build and would like to make it for my office. Any chance you would be willing to sell instructions and a parts list for this build?

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