Iron Builder I: Hospitalized

Yep, I am on Iron Builder. 5.0, to be exact. Against Jonas Kramm aka Legopard. And our secret seed part is 2x8 DUBLO grass block.


As I have to build loads of entries, they might appear on the blog later than on Flickr and likely with shorter presentations than "normal" builds. This is going to be a hectic month, and I want to concentrate on the building process. I know you understand.

The seed part was said to be sadistic and surprising; it was actually a April Fools joke some time back. But now it's real, goddamn big dublo block with awful connection points. But I'm not complaining. It's interesting, at least. I have several ideas already.

I got to open Guy's package last Friday before going to my Architecture history lecture. I was shocked at first, of course, but I spend most of the day fiddling with two of the seed parts and thinking uses. I came up with this one, using the underside pattern as a heart beat indicator curve, when queueing on the university restaurant (falafels). I wanted to use this particular idea before Jonas. It was quite a quick build, maybe six hours. (I watched Logan between the sessions. It was excellent.) I wanted to include a patient on the bed, but crop the the photo in a way that he or she would be left anonymous. I'm quite happy with the results of the shoot.



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