MOC: Sram, Senior Edificer

 Here's my second MTG creation, my Commander Sram, Senior Edificer (I'm planning to make another Commander deck with Slimefoot, The Stoaway). Sram is popular white commander due his great draw potential. I play him with less cheap equipments and more cool vehicles, because, well, I'll rather ride some trains than burn my deck. You can see a larger image of the card art here.

I like to use beautiful and rich colours in my creations and Sram offered great possibilities with them. Plane of Kaladesh has India-style feel on its clothing and culture, and it seemed delightful to re-create with bricks. As usual, I began with the head. The skin colour was a tough choice; art of Sram shows him in gloomy light, and skin colour of Kaladeshian dwarves seem to differ quite a bit. I felt that medium dark flesh could have been ideal, but I didn't have pretty much any of the needed pieces on that colour. I also considered reddish brown, but I wouldn't have had good fingers on it, and tan was closer to the original art anyway. I hope this doesn't seem much whitewashed, which is sometimes problem on fantasy settings adopted from variety of cultures. Then again, dwarves are Norse folklore, and Scottish by popular culture, so who knows?

Sram doesn't have beard, which is a bit sad, but then again I understand why they didn't make him stereotypical fantasy dwarf. He has a cool mutton chops though, and I felt I was building the Wolverine; fortunately the goggles differ him from Logan, who's also short and has sideburns. Sram also has his tool for picking teeth in his mouth, as noted in the flavour text of Sram's Expertise, another bit of source material for this creation.

The big pauldrons are good tool to define a character's silhouette. These are a bit adapted detail-wise but hopefully have the correct feel on them. The purple scarf is clearly seen on the card art, bit it was hard to detect exact colours of the coat or shirt, not to mention the trousers, which were completely out of pictures. I used dark orange, dark tan, sand green, dark green and dark blue as I like those colours and they worked nicely together. With the legs I ended up in baggy trousers suitable to Kaladesh's style, seen on creatures like dwarf warrior Deadeye Harpooner. Sram's right arm is bare, while the left one features sort of bracer with variety of tools in it. One belongs to one particular Time Lord.



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