Slimefoot, the Stoaway

Here's the promised Fungus. This is Slimefoot, another creation from Magic the Gathering card game. He's one of the uncommon legendaries of this year's Dominaria set, a mushroom that grew in airship Weatherlight's hold and became it's janitor. As a card, Slimefoot gives player life and damages the opponents when Saproling tokens die, and can create aforementioned tokens with relatively high cost. I've got four Commander decks as the moment and Slimefoot is certainly most amusing of them.

This creation was built mostly during last summer and finished for Pii Poo's exhibit in Helsinki in September (I have still four unposted builds). I also built four Saprolings to accompany him. The building began with face, beard (beards being an important factor of my creative work) and hat; the dark tan ruff was also an early design that helped to define character. I like how it sticks out below the beard, which is build using battle droid arms and skeleton legs in tan. The torso and the legs are compilation of smooth tan and studded dark tan and olive green patterns, and the profile of the character lies on long, strong arms and small, stubby legs.

Slimefoot's card art is pleasantly colourful if gloomy. I wanted to capture it by using bright medium azure on the exotic fungal growths in his shoulders and back. The blue areas on the art might actually be just reflections of the blue lamp on Slimefoot's slimy surfaces, but I don't regret them. The colour scheme also made it possible to use Hero Factory's Invasion from Below (I checked that name) subline's cocoon pieces. They're cool and interesting and work nicely with olive green sprout pieces and transparent dark green seaweed parts. Poisonous mushrooms often have bright colours on them, and Slimefoot, a being of both green and black mana, doesn't seem very edible indeed.

The shoulders have the most usual T-bar joint, and the elbows use T-bar with axle hole piece that is rarer in my builds (but I'm studying its possibilities). They aren't that poseable, honestly, but capture the position of the card art sufficiently well. I'm particularly happy with the pattern of sprout pieces in the right lower arm. The hands use most of my dark purple curved slopes; fortunately I had that many. Slimefoot has also his staff, a rather basic construction.

One of the Saprolings (left in the main picture) is based on one of Dominaria tokens, the other (middle in the main picture) is loosely based on one of Slimefoot's card, and the last one is just based on using those binocular pieces on travis bricks to connect viking horns in moustache-like way, a technique I discovered with this little build five years ago.



FrozenFields said...

This is an incredible Mtg build! Do you ever produce instructions for your builds?

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