Vereftoi Radiante and Salamander Sword

This is the second creation of my series of large-scale speeder bikes. Yes, it's a series now. Concepts that are pleasant and interesting to work with turn into series; you build some, in this case Kiirus Ögonblick and the Carp Speeder, and then you want to build more. For me, these speeders give nice possibilities to use strange pieces that are suitable for sci-fi topics but probably too big, bulky or specialized to be used on character. They're still closely related to character builds, the other half of finished piece being the rider, and in that aspect offer lot of possibilities to reflect the character via posing with the object, that is the vehicle. And they're quite cool.

Key concept here was a bulky speeder that radiates power. I wanted to use the big trans-clear windscreen piece as a glass cover to the machinery. It felt an original idea, and I liked the way that the rider could lean on it like on some modern motorcycles (I know nothing about motorcycles) but still read the meters if needed. I wanted to use some metallic pieces, foremost the chrome exhaust pipes, 4x4 dome parts and the turbine rotor, and dark red wheel hubs from SW ARC-170 starfighters as part of the engines. I made a simple sketch and began forming the bike.

First part I built was the windscreen hood and the mechanics inside. It has an angled panels with ribbed hoses, bent along the windscreen. Wedge pieces form sort of a mudguard to the engines, with electric bolts striking from them; electric vehicles are modern! The first concept had four engines (as I had four dark red hubs) but I dropped two as I had only eight bolt pieces. Two per engine looked bit puny, and having engines only in the front enhanced the feel of very powerful machinery. From the beginning I made the central frame very solid with TECHNIC bricks, but I had to change it in order to make the stand.

The colour scheme settled with dark red shell, metallic details and black frame. The middle part needed to be very thing in order to have the figure sit properly, and I made it completely black to highlight the other parts. The front went through few different figurehead symbols. I wanted to use axe blade pieces from Chima ultrabuilds, as their beautiful filigree pattern felt fitting for the speeder. However, how matter I positioned them, they were too big and too rigid. I ended up using two silver eagle wings instead, with some dinosaur tails to give some elegance to the shape. The tails also frame the radiator's intake vent.

The back part came together very nicely. I managed to incorporate one of those axe blades there. On both sides of it there are two Tesla coils, machines for turning electric jolts into high voltage. I didn't know they were called Tesla coils when I built them, I just remembered them from the high voltage show held at Deutsches Museum in Munich. High voltage stickers (which I think are from Exo-Force) near them feel very fitting. They are lined with exhaust pipes, but as this is a electronic vehicle, I think they are more likely inductors. Either way, their chrome shade fits the electronic theme, and I like the slight angle of them and the coils. Underside of the back part features the pedals. The pedals always seem to end up in the utmost corners of the bikes, as the rider's have long legs and there are no needs to forks of wheels that touch the ground. Maybe they're incorporated better to the build in some future speeder... I named it Salamander Sword, a reference to Circle song from weird Golem/Vesiliirto double album.

I wanted the speeder to be displayed in slight angle to look more dynamic, so I made a base with one of those joints used in Star Wars walkers such AT-AT. However, this solution is not perfect. The joint is very stiff, but seems to weaken with time. Few weeks ago (this built is from August) I was watching Kaurismäki film Man without a past with Pinja and at some point this creation came down from the shelf. The joint had given in and took the rest of the MOC with it. It was a handsome crash, I swear some parts flew couple of meters up in the air. I fixed it, of course, and it seems that I have to came up with another solution, probably with two of those joints instead of only one.

The other and equal part of the creation is the rider, Vereftoi Radiante (Vereftoi is another Circle song and Radiante has been taken from Corbusier's Radiant City). As on Kiirus Ögonblick, I wanted to use bright colours and printed parts, with modern yet casual attitude. I began with the dark red trousers, using printed Exo-Force wedge slope with some Asian markings; Ninjago tile as an belt buckle worker with it nicely. Kiirus Ögonblick had got stockings with platform shoes, but I gave this rider white boots. Their shape took a while to get right. I used some nicely printed surfboards; they were in the front at first, but the shape was too flat. I like the shape that 1x3x2 inverted arch gives to the boot. It's one of my favourite pieces.

I tried different combinations with the upper torso and ended up with orange jacket over bright light yellow shirt. It uses some printed 2x4 curved slopes from Belle brickhead, while the sides of the jacket have again Exo-Force prints with Asian lettering. The back features a tiger-stripe pattern from Chima. It was bought from Pii Poo's event on Oulu in August where this model was already on display, and changed in during the exhibit. The jacket's collar is not as wild as on Kiirus's jacket, and falls of a bit, but works alright. The sleeved are quite short, with bare elbows. The white gloves use printed "love" tiles from The Beatles submarine set.

With the head I wanted to use new pieces from LUGBULK that I had just received. They included lot of black 1x2 round plates (exciting pieces) and vibrant coral 1x1 quarter round tiles. I created a braid-like texture by starking them. The plates can be turned even if there's a tile next to them, something that cannot be done with usual 1x2 plates. This made it possible to adjust the hair flowing in the speed. To make the character unique, I also made glasses out of small window panels; they're connected to a lever base. Vereftoi Radiante has also gold and emerald earrings, visible under the hair.

There haven't been many new creations lately, as I've been using my time to write those Denmark travel posts. But I've built a lot, and there's lot to catch, once again. The next creation will be published quite soon. I'll try to do it before the end of the week.



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