Work of Ponder

 This was the my contest entry for my LUG Palikkatakomo's late summer contest "favourite hobby". It was in miniland scale with fixed 16x32 area. Maybe due to there requirements, there weren't many entries (less than 10) but the quality was very good. I didn't receive any prizes (I was 4th) but it was fun, unusual build, made during one sunday evening.

It's me, building, or at least thinking about building. I've build myself earlier, on bigger scale, but here I am in miniland scale, but with some additional details like glasses and beard. Well, the head looks bit messy, to be honest; maybe I should have stuck with basic miniland block head. Overall, here's view on my building corner, with walls removed. I've got two tables, with one set of drawers and a printed underneath; some more drawers, one seen here as a cross section, showing trans-clear mass of ziplock bags inside; a tree for our cats, and the cats themeselves: Elsku-Maumau sleeping on the tree, Ukuli hiding in her box with the round hole, and Takku moping on the carpet. 

The most amusing part of this was building the small version of my MOCs and projects. You might recognize few of them including models of Speeder Bike Race on the drawer. But there's also at least three unfinished projects here, and yes, they include the big white building.  I't pretty much in realistic scale, even though I had to omit most of the windows. Overall I'm very happy with the chaotic feel the wealth of elements gives to this scene. It's realistic; my work area tends to look like this, filled with projects and finished builds that don't have room made for them on the shelves yet!

The most "technical" part of this build is the chair, using some droid arms and 1x1 round tiles with bar to make the wheels. A bar runs through it, connecting it to jumper plate on the floor, passing on my weight to the base. The light blue 4x4 round plate depicts knitted... round thing Pinja made for it; our cats have been enthustically destroying the faux leather coating of it! Not visible in the MOC is the window, which is horribly badly insulated, making my hands freeze for example just now.



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