This big fellow has been waiting to be posted for some time. It was build as a part of local, bottom-up grassroot level story development project in November. Build day was traditional "one day with the usual tweaks on next morning" type of thing. He turned out being more serious build than I first intented. Not 100 % serious, but not completely joke neither. Car hoods make pretty nice biceps, right?

He's named Bartakha and he serves sweet drinks in pub and nigh club The Definitive Hazel Grouse, which he owns with his partner Kinlika. His species is Rigelian Vatuka, and he wears Vatuka Kanohi mask (they're like usual kanohi masks, only harder). His name is a pune or a play of words on him owning the bar AND the bartakha moustache on his Vatuka Kanohi. He's a friend of Guardian, Taguna and Deputy Fuzchel. He is an ex-pirate but isn't everyone though? He once took part on Artakha lookalike contest, but was banned for his main colour was apea green instead of masentava green and he had a staff, accidentally. The contest was won by Artakha himself, as everyone else were banned too. He has clumsily big hammer, unuable for any sort of arts and craft. He uses it to hammer badly behaving customers out of The Definite Hazel Grouse.

That's what he is. As a build, he was sort of comeback to Bionicle pieces, as this is couple of months older than Botar. It was "easy comeback" as this wasn't super serious, and uses lot of System; finally got use for those car hoods, too. The arms are tad too short (but think at least) and the fingers fall of all the time (but they gleam nicely). The feet are dull, being only dark bley too, but I quite like the legs. And I'm happy with the hammer, that has wrought iron flames on the back and metallic silver rim inside. Managed to use Ninjago dark pearl grey container piece, too. I think it fits Bionicle aesthetics well. 

Next up maybe Discworld, or some architecture; not sure yet but I've got few finished models and one big thing down the pipeline.



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