AI Admiral

This is another collab model. The idea was to give an AI Looking Glass V1.4. some pictures and MOCs to generate an " average MOC designed by X" and then actually build it according to the image. I used similar photos of similar character builds to make coherent images, then picked the most interesting one. Here are some examples on the Looking Glass images:

Trust me, I didn't add here the most disturbing ones. I picked the one that was dubbed as The Admiral by Djok. It seemed to have a coherent consept, simple colour scheme and a pose with attitude:

As I perceived it, the character had a sort of half-trench coat, with tight trouser and sort of armour on another leg. There was definitely a high hat to compleate the uniform, some epaulettes and a red sleeve muff to warm the hands on windy decks. The color scheme was nice, lot of dark blue with some red and pearl gold. I began with the shoes, using a Hero Factory foot as a frame. The armour uses CCBS; the Chima pawn club attachs nicely to the CCBS shell! 

The next part was the coat, shaping the coattail and the bust with the insignia. The arms were the hardest part, as the angle had to be tigher than 90 degrees to be natural. The first version used the smallest CCBS shells with ball joints, but had too muech gaps. I solved it with SYSTEM. I finished the coat with a high collar to make the uniform look warm yet regal.

I added a sheathed sword, as it fitted the navy theme. The long straight object by the coattail leg on the AI image could be perceived as such. The hat was hard. I wanted to use those Chima Ultrabuild axe blades, but thei connection - merely an axle - is hard to connect on a free angle. I used a pull-out pin, which made the hat quite long; I wish they made axle hole/pin parts two-module long. I think it looks fine in the end. The earmuffs use stickered gear mechanism 2x2 round plates from Ninjago, which I fortunately had two of. They fit the dieselpunk aesthetics decently. 


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