The name of this model doesn't have an appropriate English translation, so we'll do with jäähy. It's something like a pause for cooling outiside sauna. Enjoying refreshments is common.

This model was not about jäähy in the beginning. It was very spontaneous, fast process, beginning with a tablescraps of mohawk moustache and beard eyebrows. I was parting out sets and storing minifig parts into minifig parts box, and somehow ended up wondering the two orange mohawks I had there; they ended up into a Lemmy-style mutterchops moustache. I was first going to accompany them with some poseable minifig arm eyebrows, but thought, what the hell... I had also two orange beards in the minifig box and boom, hair become facial hair and facial hair became eyebrows. It's just matter of scale.

The resulting head was somehow working class -like, a bit brusque, maybe a publician, lumberjack or a police sergeant or something. These were all considered, but I ended up stripping him of any sort of job (and shirt) and giving him a nice medium blue towel, a bottle and all the time in the world. He's enjoying himself in between the saunaings, and he's much happier than he would be was he working. He looks solemn, because all the heat and then all the cold, and he's pretty old, seen the world, seen forest felled and streams dammed. But he's happy with this moment.

Technique-wise, this is continuation on what I wrote on sitting figures with Eithel Meristem. This allowed me to make a nice, somewhat ambitious towel without needing to worry about the upper legs fitting inside it. Another little goal here was to use those tan 3x3x2 1/4 domes. I had recently acquired some more, and wondered if I'll ever use them... they're quite big for usual characters, and their solidity (aka they're not hollow) makes them sometimes hard on integrate into builds; But here our man was hunched enough, and I was able to overlap his belly with the upper torso, chest hairs and everything. There actually was a layer with navel between the belly domes and the towel, but it was accidentally lost while tweaking the towel. I don't think he needs it, proportions-wise.

The build felt much bigger during the process. I was shocked how tiny it was when I put it on the shelf along with some other models. 



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