MOC: Big Daddy

 Say hello to Big Daddy from Bioshock game series. This big stubby diving suit fellow was quite an interesting build and one of the challenging MOCs I have ever built.

Okay, lets tell the facts. I have never played any of the Bioshock games. Actually, I have never bought a computer game. I'm not really a gamer guy, expect I used to play Pokemon Emerald and some Mario classics on my Game Boy Micro, and I enjoy brilliant Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches with my friend every now and then. But Big Daddy is a magnificent concept that fulfills all the requirements of coolness: Old scuba suit feel, big drill hand, stubby hunchback look and steampunk feel.

So, I began building this guy. I intended to use some Bionicle pieces as I did with Samus Aran, another game character MOC, but the barnicle parts weren't that good after all. I ended up with Exo-Force styled limbs, legs with click-thing-joints for more stability and arms with ball joint for better mobility. The joints were very hard make flexible enough without making them unnaturally thin.
 The head was interesting and it was the first part I built. It uses a Big ball piece which is held between the tubes and macaroni bricks. I quite proud of that use. The grid is a bit too big, but I like its shape, and didn't really found other ways to do it.

The colors of this MOC are seriously off. I didn't have bricks in any gold shade to do the golden parts in correct colour, so I did them with two shades of dark grey to make it look a bit torn. The fabric parts are also done with dark greys, as it was the best colour to do them because I have quite lot of it. The yellow eyes and brown shoes and belt hopefully balance the colors well enough.

There is a lot of SNOT in the torso. Okay, there is lot of it everywhere. But I'm happy with the shapes of the torso, the hunchback look and the suture between the head and the upper torso.
The arms were probably easiest parts to build, save the simple canisters on the back. Ball joint are just so much easier to play with than the clicky joints. The drill is a classic Rock Raiders chrome drill, one of the best pieces ever. There is even correct number of movable fingers in the left hand!

More pictures at Brickshelf.



Unknown said...

Он прекрасен!

Unknown said...

Lego - это шедевр для творчества.

Eero said...

Excuse me, but I can't read Russian letters! But thanks I suppose.

Unknown said...

They said, It's maizing.

Unknown said...

This is fantastic! Great work man.

Unknown said...

Hey Pate, have you heard of LEGO CUUSOO?

It's an official LEGO site where you can submit lego creations, and if it gets enough votes, LEGO will look at the project, and as long as it meets a few requirements (like being family friendly) they will turn it into an actual LEGO set with it's own model number and everything.

Your stuff looks awesome and you should consider submitting your stuff there.


Eero said...

Thanks all!

Yep, CUUSOO is a big thing in LEGO fanbases. I have though adding something there, and probably will, if I make a suitable model. This Daddy, however, is from not-so-family-friendly game that it wouldn't meet the requirments, and I don't belive my other models have such a big audience that they could break 10 000 votes. But this sure is a Finnish way to think; if succees isn't definite, it isn't worth of tryining... But in the future, probably

Also thanks everyone who have checked this blog or started to follow it! This Big Daddy is easily my most popular model ever and it has quadruplet the all-time view counter of this blog in few days.

Unknown said...

Hey Man! Congratulations, great job! We are sharing it with all latinamerica in our website www.bit2600.com, of course all credits are given. Greetings!http://bit2600.com/legos-de-big-daddy-y-bowser-por-pate-keetongu-y-zane-houston/

Unknown said...

Hey pate, do you think you could post instructions on how to build this awesome creation if at all possible, if you haven't already. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

plz give the instructions. He is awesome

Unknown said...

Did we ever get a parts list an instructions?

Josie said...

shut up, I can not stop looking at the beauty of this moc set

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