WIP: Bag End: Pantry

Yes, this project which I posted months ago is still under progress. Bag End, the homely home of Bilbo Baggins, has now got a pantry , along with some other new bits, but is still far from completed.

The pantry is quite simple. The design is based on a movie prop, though it is not exact copy. There's some wine (nearby as old as Baggins himself) for more gandalfic taste behind the big ale barrel. When I complete the roof (possibly detachable) I might add some vegetables and other greenish food hanging there. And some pillaging dwarves.

This project will get a serious boost when I buy the Bag End set, Unexpected Gathering, next weekend on Helsinki. There's Model Expo there, Northern Europe's biggest scale model exhibition with Finnish LUG Palikkatakomos's LEGO section measured 120 square meters and being a lot bigger than last year when we won the best model prize with Moducity, a big LEGO City. This year the city, now named Palikkala, will be bigger than ever before. And include my Humppa-Pub too. But more of that later.



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