MOC: Thorin II Oakenshield

 These dwarves keep coming! But here's one notable and noble one: Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thrain. Thorin is Durin's heir, dwarf king in exile. He's a proud dwarf and determined to take back the Erebor and Kingdom under the Mountain, or at least some of his kin's old treasures.

Thorin, potrayed by talented Richard Armitage in Hobbit films, was such a fun dwarf to build because the amount of detail in his Costume.I started with the armour mail using dark blue jumper plates and 1x1 plates to create neat pattern with diagonal grid and square plates.

 Then there's dark blue coat and black furred overcoat, which edge's angle came out particularly nicely. I also like the shoulder's fur. I was afraid it would be very hard to do without entirely killing the movement of the shoulder ball joint (I had bad experiences with Dwalin) but it worked out quite well.

The arms gave an another chance to use some gimmicks. I'm especially happy with use of turntables (one of my favorite greeble pieces) ad the detailed bracers. Tan skeleton arms are optimal fingers, but sadly those were my last ones. Got to buy more from Bricklink.

I also built Orcrist, Noldorian sword that Thorin picks up from Troll Hoard. My version obviously isn't very sharp, but I think I captured the profile and handle's shape quite well.

I have no idea when I'll build the next dwarf. I have eyes for one left, but I'm doing a BL order someday during spring and get some dwarf material. We will see then.




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