MOC: Lady Liberty 3000

 Far on the future, the Statue of Liberty is replaced with gigantic mecha that fights for freedom and liberty and against tyranny and persecution.

(And that backstory of this build was invented in five seconds after I attached that barraki spine in that head and noticed that it looked like Lady Liberty's crown.)

As you have noticed, I built a big-scale Bionicle MOC after a half year's break. There is not any exciting backstory with this MOC. I guess it started with those heeled shoes; I first made the other one black and planned to build a MOC with inverted color halves, but didn't have correct pieces (the biggest grief of a LEGO builder) so I went for normal coloring instead. As those shoes seem like they are impossible to walk with, I decided to build a mecha, as most of my Bionicle MOCs are less mechanical and more organic characters. Or something, they all are plastic after all.

I had wanted to use those Insectoid wings, terribly underused and beautiful pieces, for a long time, and this seemed like a great opportunity. To match the big trans-blue areas, I added bits of trans-blue all around the MOC. There are, for example, minifig visors used as small pieces of armour on the arms. 

Photographing was pain. White models shouldn't be photographed on a white background, but I couldn't use very dark backdrop either, because the wings wouldn't have looked so good with it. I used plywood boards at first, but then used grey cardboard. They weren't very big, so the MOC is near the backdrop and these pics are a bit poky.



Unknown said...

Another cool MOC once again! I really like that colour scheme: it's hard to go wrong with white and blue. Nice details as usual. I like all those transparent pieces here and there, nice touch! The crown and the wings are very clever indeed.

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