MOC: Toa Atya

 As you probably noticed, I built a Bionicle MOC after few-month break. Or actually just finished a WIP. This gal has been on my table all the way from last summer.

Toa Atya is a Toa of Water and leader of her small team. Or was before he committed a suicide for she couldn't kill her former rogue team member Toa Ämkoo. She's quite a tragic character and had a restrictive sense of moral.

I've build this character before, few years ago, with quite a bad results. It is based on This drawing by scary gentleman Don Delucci, who also created this character on Klaanon project. I liked the colours, gold and blue and splast of dark red on the cloth piece on hip. I had got some beautiful pearl gold pieces earlier when I bought Glatorian Tarix from flea market. I built the torso and arms few months ago, but got struck with the legs. But few days ago I realized I had got many pearl gold EF robot arms from somewhere and started to greeble a femur armour with them I quite liked the results.

 I wanted to make the high-heeled shoes blue, but realized that I didn't have blue Bohrok feet at all - What a gap in my Bionicle parts collection! I need to bricklink few some day. Useful bits. I also wanted to use more teal in this MOC, as there is one part on the chest armour, but didn't find any places to mess up with my very limited collection of that classic rare colour. But on the other hand, I like the color splash it gives.



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