MOC: Bifur

 It was nice to see that many people enjoyed my big Hobbit dwarf figures, so here's the fourth I've promised: Bifur, cousin of Bofur and Bombur, a toymaker dwarf portrayed by Kiwi talent William Kircher. Bifur has  remains of rusted orc axe in his skull and is rather odd fellow, but somehow very gentle fellow - and apparently vegetarian. He didn't have very big role in the first Hobbit movie, but he's got some sweet background activity is you look closely. There's a cool article in Tumblr about it.

Like the previous dwarves, Bifur was quite a fun build, having lot of interesting patterns. I made the head first, as the main idea of building this guy was the cheese SNOT on the beard (yes, he has snot on his beard, badum-tish) and mustache braids built using 1x1 round plates. The cheese pattern is similar to Balin's robe, though it is made in smaller space. I like how its diagonal line matches with the robe's pattern.

The robe was pleasingly easy to build. I luckily had enough dark tan slopes and 2x2 jumpers to make the pattern. It is also rather sturdy. The hardest part was to angle the knife correctly. It is done using ol' good T-bar, which are also used to make the shoulder joints. Elbows are basic 1x2 brick joints, sadly not dark tan but sturdy design.   I'm particularly glad of the use of barrels as bracers, as they are very similar to original. Fingers are same as Dwalin's, tan skeleton arms from Ninjago Skeleton Bowling.

Bifur is pegged with boar spear, long-bladed spear with great profile. Very easy tool to build - just some slopes, round bricks and awesome 4-bar-connector.

When it comes to future of my Hobbit dwarves project, I'd like to say few words. I like building these bearded fellows, but obviously my LEGO collection is limited. So, I'm not going to build the 9 waiting dwarves very soon, but might make some when I like to - and I can say I have some plans for Thorin II Oakenshield. But time will tell.



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