MOC: Imperial Steamguard Suspended Attack Monorail Gondola

 Hello dear readers, as you can see I'm back in one of my favourite themes, Steampunk, loaded with nonsense vehicles and cool goddamn longcoat Victorian officers. This "baby" is  Imperial Steamguard Suspended Attack Monorail Gondola for urban warfare in alternative history's giant steam capitals. It hangs under a singe rail like suspension railway. Yes, the long thing on the top of this MOC is the rail and not part of the MOC itself; I'd like to build some building to stuck the rail on, or probably a station with longer track, but didn't have enough pieces. Yet. The name also suggests a gondola lift, or a cable car, which have similar function.   
 So, this Attack Gondola clanks around on under the trackes between the buildings and fires enemy suspended monorails with its double Gatling guns. It of course makes no sense on strategical ways whatsoever, but as long as it's wacky and steam-powered, it fits well on a steapunk universe at least in my opinion. And there are always enemies to fight for.. What about suspended monorail pirates? Anarchy in the UK!



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