MOC: Anti-Pigeon Fighter

Steampunk -or dieselpunk, whatever- has sometimes no sense at all. This Anti-Pigeon Fighter-Ornithopter designed by Professor Marcellus Gartland Ostrich, whimsy gentleman and inventor. It's function is to eliminate the pigeons (Columba livia domestica) that commit acts of terror around London's House of Parliament.

Anti-Pigeon Fighter is a fast aircraft with rather light-weight hull and three engines which positions can be angled. To make the fighter agiler, it has no landing gear nor any sort of wheels that could be used to gain speed on the ground before take-off. Because of these absences, Professor usually begins his vendettas against pigeons from the Clocktower of Big Ben, and after he has shot as many little flying bastard as possible, he aims to the river Thames and makes a cool "landing" which includes very big cloud of mist and steam. Because of the wet nature of landing -okay, rivering- he always uses his Neptune scuba powersuit to walk through the pollution of Thames to get back to civilization. His suit and fighter are of course covered with thigh layers of varnish so contaminants don't corrode them away.

Anti-Pigeon Fighter is armed with four light and inaccurate cannons and one heavy machine gun with super-rigorous aiming mechanism. It has two magnifying glasses, on on the helmet and other on the gun which makes it possible for professor to count his victim's chest fluff before the strike.


PS. to animal lovers: I have nothing against pigeons, those grateful lords of mid-air.


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