MOC: Tapir

It might be surprising, but this toddler is actually an (somewhat) important hero of Klaanon universe and one of the stars of the most acclaimed chapter of "Early Klaanon" featuring a terrified snowman, one-handed to-be-traitor swordmaster, exploding river dolphin and a pack of ill-lucked fascist commie roaches on a jeep. Okay, that might be pretty much dada to most of you, but Bionicle can be like that.

I like tapirs. I like tapirs very much, as they have those funny snouts and they look like peaceful but tough. So, I build one. It didn't took too long but was was  an enjoyable build because lots of organic shaping. The head is bigger than the actual animal's, but I made it so to give a bit of a cartoony look. And because this tapir is a rahi (thought not really a beast) I also left some "biomechanical" details visible.



Werewolf said...

Aww.. how cute this is!!^^

Unknown said...

do you have youtube?

Eero said...

Werewolf: Thank you!
Raymond: No, not really; but there is a [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/Vuhvelituotanto]Vuhvelituotanto channel[/url] which has one brickfilm made by me and my friend Humppakeksi.

Haoyang said...

Toddler? It has been showing the color pattern of an adult.

Great tapir, especially the tube snout.

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