And... One more steampunk figbarf

 I like steampunk genre very much, so nearly every time I get more minifig parts I tend to build a batch of characters from Victorian steampunk settings. Hope you are not yet tired with them!

The mysterious Weldmeister has somehow captured the power of thunder into his super-strong suit of armour that has a power to fuse metal things together with a immerse bolt of lightning that blinds the mortal. Now many facets with different agendas are looking for to hire him... but who of them are worth of his extraordinary powers?

Miss Margaret Pisland was an ordinary art director. Or was, until he became an adventurer, as the dirty alleys and old castles of Brassport and its dwellings were still undiscovered. She still has some vision and style from her former job, but nowadays the painting brush is mostly used to mark the place and position of the corpse. And by the way, the onions are only for a snack. She isn't afraid of vampires.

Engineer Jonathan Achemus were forced to leave his hometown and live as a wandered with his awesome gadgets and vehicles. It really wasn't his fault: The reason was jealousy. The other men of the city were never able to grow a moustache able to challenge the magnitude of his fur on the upper lip. But somehow that's fortune to the world - His moustache has saved many damsels in distress since then.
 Lissie Burrong is a real Steam Punk. A steamhardcorepunk. She doesn't listen to authorities. She has a metal peg leg. She is not afraid to interrupt and is she wants to shoot an arrow through your head, she does. There is lot of room to some anarchy in Victorian era, the age of strict appropriateness. Plus she likes music that normal people can't listen without taking a few cold beers.
 Michaela Mallilme was hired by the Government to be the symbol of the new era. You know, posing for steam fighter nose arts, alluring young men to join the military forces and such. But some claim that she is an agent of a hostile foreign power. But who can you trust these days anyway?
Private Max Dankrough is an ordinary soldier of Machine-Buster division. His gas-function rifle can shoot through the thickest steel shell. And it wan be used to chop some wood to build trenches.



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