MOC: Brez II

 Hey! This is not Hero Factory MOC. Definitely not a revamp of Breakout Breez (which is the best Hero set there was). Nope, this is a Klaanon MOC. Breez (second) is one of four three Selakhian (Pridak and Same's species) sisters, known as Breznikova Triplets (Formerly Breznikova Quartet; Kova is plural suffix on Selakhian language). They were Xian bounty hunters until the eldest one died at the hands of Purifier. Now they are part of organization called Nascosto working for Killjoy and the seek avenge on Purifier.

Their real backstory is different. Last summer me and this guy called Jörbäle (whose Klaanon characters this and Killjoy and Purifier) were wandering around the horrible city of Kajaani. We were about to buy ice cream (why not) but found some 2€ Brain Attack Breezes and 5€ Bruizers (terrible set). So we ended up having three Breezes and two Bruizers, and it turned out like this.

Some eleven months later I was just reading Klaanon, no big deal. And suddenly, three bounty hunters named Brez.

Some ten moths later I was reading Klaanon again, no big deal. And suddenly, Dance battle between Breznikova triplets and Vatuka "Bruiser" Brothers hired by Roodaka on Xian nighclub yatch XMS Donovan. Yeaaaah. And it didn't stop there, I tell you.

This is the second oldest of Breznikova. I drew some inspiration from these Matobro's drawings, but took also some heavy liberties concerning colors and the mask especially. I began working with the legs and they turned out well quite quickly; The kneepads were already ordered from Bricklink. I really like the dark red color splashes on the inner thigh. The armoring of the boots looks quite neat too.

I wanted to have an armor coat with long tails to give some "officer quality" to this MOC as this Brez is the oldest one alive. Use of those Technic panels and wing pieces were there from the beginning. Rocket heel shoes with breakout armor created quite heavily armored upper torso, and not using those road armor add-ons was out of question. Piraka flipper on the back is connected via Cordak bullets to create similar pattern than on the chest plate.

The arms are rather simple, basic bone on the upper arm (it doesn't move very freely) and axle with ball joints on the lower part (The best technique with CCBS). My basic hand design, presenting heavy glove, is used hre connected to a shell with T-bar.

The head is custom-build as any Breez heads were too small. I'm happy with it. The white patterns were a bit forced as I didn't have any lime brackets, but I quite like them. The mask looks a bit less flat with them.

Brez's weapons are combination of Brain Attack and Breakout Breezes. The holo shield and sword pieces from the Breakout version are seriously underused but cool parts. The blade weapon has similar construction to Brain Attack version, being bendable and agile yet hard to use. Every one of the Breznikova has that sort of weapon with different blades.



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