MOC: Toa Kyberi

 I play no blues, I play po'n'roll!

This is Toa Kyberi, Toa of Sonic, tetriary member and Po musician of safehaven organization Bio-Klaani. He's adored ans squeee'd by most of the citizens because he can rock so freaking hard. And he has frigging rocking hairstyle helmet and gorram cool bare chest and leather jacket interesting armor design. His natural choice of weapon is an Axe-Guitar plugged into Marshall Barraki amp. I think it is more of a guitar than an axe, because it's easier to beat people with a guitar than play power chords with an axe.

Kyberi is a tertiary character and has couple of appearances. In 2011 or something he beat the hell out of two Zyglak pillagers with his heavenly beats. And on last December in my posts he was part of a ruse of distraction where a few not-that-important characters played some Po-Music to Nazorak invaders on a boat BKS Hildemar to keep their focus out of their Air Force's support station to allow Clan's spies to get in.

Kyberi was never described except for the Axe-Guitar. I got some pieces from Bricklink (AFOL Supply, excellent store for CCBS parts) on Friday and looked at Queen Beast upper jaw (didn't have any of those beast heads before, they were sooo expensive) and though that hell, add some wedge plates and some good mask and that would make great Elvis Presley/Rockabilly/Teddy- style hair. Bionicle character doesn't have much hair though (except facial hair on Klaanon, of course, facial hair!), so it is freaking rocking cool helmet. The rest of the MOC was built around that idea. The mask was chrome silver Hau (Rua) at the beginning, but I though there was already too many Hau characters and Miru's emotion was just perfect. Rock'n'roll! The golden streaks iced the cake.

I was firstly going for rather basic grey Toa-of-Sonic color scemed armor, but didn't got any good ideas. Grey and silver are so dull... So I separated the shades and went for strong black-and-white contrast and a leather jacket. The jacket was dark pearl grey at first, but didn't have enough pieces on it. The black was a lot better, and allowed buffed up rock'n'roll shoulders. The arms are basic-CCBS with some Technic cams. The legs are not that exciting, but they use dark pearl grey parts as I just had to include the super cool amplifier armor add-ons from Breakout Stringer (Breakout was great) to this MOC. They were on shoulders, they were on gauntlets, they were as a belt buckle (Didn't work, trust me), but they eded up on the knees.

Then there was the Guitar-Axe. I tried several blade designs (There are WAY TOO MUCH Bionicle blade pieces, but most of them are buried deep in the cupboard), including Mata Nui shield half Flying V and Axonn's mega-axe basic models, but those Antroz blades had just sweet profiles and I went for them, connecting them via three-axle-connector and adding the SYSTEM-build simple fretboard. I knew I had to build an amp too. Making one using those 8x8 grate plates had been on my mind for some while and there was a perfect chance. I also added the iconic protective covers to the corners and some controls to the top. The amp was also excellent accessory while photographing the creation. Kyber turned out hell of a cover boy.

Rock on.



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