MOC: Nausicaä

 After building Yupa and Kushana from Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind manga, it was just natural to build the hero herself, Nausicaä.

There were a lot of reference material as Nausicaä appears on every cover art except volume 3 and on six watercolor posters included in the books. I chose to build her in the modified Dorok costume dyed blue by Ohmu's blood on volume 2. The chest with white and red ornament was the beginning point along with the bullet pockets similar to Yupa's (common on Eftalian costumes). Shaping was a bit challening here, but TECHNIC pin with 90 degree hole helped here - such a great piece, I'll get 100 from LUGBULK soon. That connects the upper part to 4x4 round brick and enables the 45 degree angle of the upper torso.

The skirt was another hard point. It took three times to get it right; The first one was too loose and the legs were unnaturally close to each other and the second one was too boxy. The final result is sturdy and solid and mixel joint connected legs have some poseability.

Limbs were pretty painless; the feet were not that simple but came out nicely. Some CBBS shells are used there, as they were perfect for Nausicaä's gaiters and I had plenty of them in blue. The arms are not that poseable, and rather blocky anyway, but I think the work well on this MOC. The shoulder connection was bit of a compromise, as I didn't have any 1x1 tiles with clip. The right arm has a bandage tied by Asbel (and re-tied by Mito).

As her accessories, Nausicaä has his ceramic knife with a little bag, Eftalian rifle (last minute addition) and of course her fox-squirrel friend Teto.

I photographed Nausicaä using only one backdrop sheet, as Bricknerd's Tommy noted that the old studio wasn't perfect on his blogging on Kushana (Thanks Tommy). It looks rather nice now, right?


Poster of volume 3 by Hayao Miyazaki, scan by Minitokyo.net


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