MOC: Toa Sheelika

 Here's another MOC from Klaanon universe, the original "Femme Fatale" from 2010, Sheelika. She is a Toa of electricity with some apparent shadow powers. She was a friend of Tawa before the founding of Bio-Klaani and later followed her there. Desperate incidents led him to murder some matorans and Guardian ordered her to be executed; However, Tawa's mercy changed the sentence into exile. Sheelika was driven into Destral where some nasty stuff happened; That is unknown by the time, but something formed Sheelika into the dark and hateful person she currently is. She tried to eliminate Tawa earlier, but was beaten by the yellow admin. She escaped from Clan's cells with help from Zorak von Maxtrillian VIII Arstein's Avhrak Feterra.

It is a bit surprising that I haven't built Sheelika before as she is rather old Klaanon character. One reason is that there is already a MOC built by character's creator. An another reason is that Sheelika hasn't dome much lately due to inactivity of some authors. However, playing Sheelika on Salsa (Official Klaanon strategy card game) got me interested on the character (there were plenty of interesting artwork on the game (including several of my MOCs and drawings as well), as every character has three different cards (basic, good temper, bad temper)) and I decided to whip up my own version.

The scale here is quite large, probably biggest of my current Klaanon figures. I needed enough scale to work with right parts and shapes here; I had rather strong visions from the beginning. The torso is very similar to Tawa's, with CBBS chest armor and roborider face under it. The Inika shoulder pads make the flank shaping once again, a trick I use rather often. The shape achieves humanoid muscles rather nicely, leaving a cutting for the shoulder axle.

I happened to ditch most of dark blue. The stark contrast between black and white looked cool and worked well with Sheelika's backstory. I think the curved line between the sides looks rather slick, while white hands and shoes balance the scheme. Dark blue is used on the inner upper arms, inner thighs and the mask for the same reason.

There are nothing special on the legs; they use my standard female leg design seen on Karmenna and Belsa with a high heel modification (Sheelika is the femme fatale of the story so pardon the impractical footwear choice). The feet design originates from Japanese builder TAN, but I've modified it using these cool toothed TECHINC connectors. Still not sure how the original design with 90 degree connection works, probably stressing the brick; I never figured it out. 3L CBBS bone (best CBBS piece) enables the connection between bohrok feet and rahkshi leg and creates a nice profile.

I wanted the arms to have radically different designs. The black one ended up with the spiky KK2 armor as in the reference material, and the spiky feel continued through the limb. The white side is more aerodynamic and stylised. This motif is used on the weaponry, too; the brutal shield consists of the black spiky underside and odd, curved white area. This is not  a piece of protective equipment, it's going to hurt people. Sheelika also has a spear, as she was a Toa Hagah, Guardian-Toa. I'm quite happy with the white tail, piece circling around the bright blue blade.

Weapons aside, Sheelika needed some extra equipment to catch the femme fatale noir feel. The wide-brim hat appeared on the card game, and while it isn't exactly canon, it was just a perfect posing tool. The reference material had a noble trans-blue Ruru (I think I originally suggested it) but I didn't want to went for it for several reasons; It was way too small, overused, and the mask isn't even Ruru in the story but a mask of hypnosis (though this has been discussed about; Most think that Sheelika doesn't need a mask of hypnosis to lure people.) I also gave her a dark blue short cape (KK2, King Mathias I think) and a vampire-esque collar to go with it to add some masquerade.



hello said...

hello. can you make some istruction for build it?
i nned to know how you have do the body and foots..
please reply

Eero said...


Here are some photos on the feet (not foots!) construction; It is based on Japanese builder TAN's design from 2008 or something, though I modified it using one of those old toothed TECHNIC connectors that can angle the heel correctly. The toe part is connected via number three angled connector.


Now the torso is a bit more complicated. I can't give you especially good pictures for now, but a few hints: The breastplate is build around tri-axle connector. 3-axle goes through it and connects the 3L armor pieces. The side armor (Inika shoulder pads) are connected via minifig mallets (though I replaced them with 3L bars later). 4L axles witn stopper connect the arms to Bohrok foot on the neck; there are 2 ball joints in both of them to connect the shoulder armor (3L shell again) and the arms. The back looks ugly and is therefore cowered with the cape; I hope this helps you to reverse-engineer it.

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