MOC: Fómhar

 Ideas for creations come from many different sources. Dave Foreman suggested me to make personifications of four seasons (well done, that man) after I posted Forfhuarú on Flickr. I began working on Autumn girl almost immediately and here she is now, after being completed for a week or so (weathers have been bad - This is not autumn like this any more, no warm hues and beautiful leaves, just mist, sleet and darkness). The name is Gaelic again, meaning simply Autumn, to continue the name motif.

The main idea was the dress made using dark red and dark orange leaves. I have plenty of them from 2014 and 2013 LUGBULKs. The skirt was done using everybody's favorite leaf weaving technique. Connecting it was a bit tricky, but I succeeded with inverted TECHNIC tyre, which had both good shape and needed friction. The upper torso is connected to it with couple of TECHNIC axles like in Forfhuarú. It has a simple tank top design, with some added bulk on shoulders that use Bellville saddles (Great pieces, cause confusion) as some sort of fur collar etc. I think it creates a nice silhouette.

The arms were tricky. The lower arms are same design as seen on Forfhuarú, but I wanted to extend the bare arm a bit upwards. Tan boat studs are used here a lot, they are definitely one of the key parts on character building. It's one of my favorite parts in general, and being widely available in tan is something like a gift from the gods. There's bit of a black sleeve here, using yet another 2015 LUGBULK goods - Pin hole/Pin connectors and black T-bars, to be precise. The movement is not perfect as ball joints are not used and the saddles limit it, but I can cope with it. There's plenty on poses at the end of this post.

I'm very happy with the head. The face is similar to Forfhuarú, and I wanted to make the hair bright and effective. Kalmah's tentacles were a shot in the dark, but the worked rather well and I had four of them. The bright orange looks neat with the more earthy warm shades. Hat was another thing I just had to make. I really like cool hats (I own quite a few myself - My everyday fur felt trilby, black Borsalino Homburg for festive uses, Australian outback fedora for adventures, old and wiry badgeless police cap for woodcutting, Swiss Railway Station Master cap bargained for flea market and so on) and have build those to several character on the past, including Sheelika's Femme Fatale hat and Alina's cap. This one uses couple of dishes, leaves, flowers and one of those odd tongue-like windscreen pieces. I love them! They have been on my BL wanted list for years, and I never managed to get any, but finally I got three on a convention. I know they are not rare, but I never stumbled into them before... Anyway, I think the hat adds lot of character here.

The legs are pretty basic stuff, mostly seen before. Grey parts on upper legs are not perfect, cut I had ran out of black ones and they're mostly hidden anyway. The heels are a bit thicker than usually, making a nice contrast to Forfhuarú's killer heels and fat soles.

The base was originally a wall of LUGBULKed olive green bricks and leaves on top of it, but it never worked properly, so I just removed the bricks. I think it looks nice. The MOC doesn't really need it to stand, but it makes a nice continuity with Forfhuarú's snowdrift.

I've already built stuff for Spring and Summer girls, but I think I have to Bricklink a bit before completing them... Anyway, Spring's mostly SYSTEM, and has a bare feet and lower legs - Something I've never done before on this scale (expect on Bilbo, but that barely counts).

Next up some Discworld stuff - See you later.




Unknown said...

You shod make a male and female MoC for each season

Eero said...

Yes... Probably I should. But the male MOCs would end uo being grumpy old men with long beards and bushy moustaches, I can assure.

Unknown said...

well... Not exactly, they could end up being like a Ranger type person, or like some type of sorcerer...

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