MOC: King Dedede

Yes... Another Super Smash Bros. creation! This very fat penguin in King Dedede, Kirby's arch enemy. He definitely one of the coolest Smash characters. I've mostly played him on Brawl, where he wields a hammer but uses his head and feet in the most destructive strikes. Of the irony! Dedede can also eat his enemies and throw minions kick enemies around while loafing around happily. What a guy!

Dedede is big and round and therefore not so easy to build using mostly blocky bricks. I began with the belly, which was quite challenging due to zig-zag triangular patterns. I made them less steep, as I wanted to make them somehow, and ended up using old good Cheese SNOT. The belt is sunk into Lowell-sphere-esque belly with bright basic yellow and red hues. I like bright colors. MOCs don't always have to be grey and black!

The angles of Dedede's cloak offered some additional challenged. I wanted to use those long bow pieces, as they create beautiful shapes and three-dimensional feel. They are angled, which means they are only connected via one studs; However, they are quite sturdy. that can't be side about the angled 2x3 slopes near them that are connected to each other via plate hinges. They tend to fall off.

The legs are only odd slabs under the penguin's fat belly, as they should be; But still remember to beware Dedede's kicks (back aerial!). This arms are pretty poseable, though. The sleeve-ends were tricky, I tried to make them using mudguards are first, but they were too big and I ended up with curved slopes instead (good pieces, good pieces). Dedede also has his big wooden hammer; The middle parts is a bit boring, I know, could remake it sometime if I get a better idea. It also lacks a knob in the end that it sometimes seem to have. But most pictures of Dedede found online have his hammer posed in a way that hides the end, so I didn't bother with the knob at all...

The head was fun. I took some liberties to make it look funny and a bit silly. I flattened it a bit. I tried several different eyes. 2x2 round tiles could have been good, but I didn't have any (except those with half-shut eyelids). Minifig head eyes with classic-space helmets looked quite nice, but a bit too evil (Dedede doesn't feel very evil, you know?). 2x2 dishes with 1x1 round tile eyes looked like Dedede had been hit with Ness's PK Flash or something - This was the best alternative.



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