MOC: Moon Mayhem

 Now this MOC is a bit stranger one. It was built for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's Space contest in couple of days. I was not alarmed for it, as I thought the entries have to take part in Exhibit we'll have at Helsinki Observatory for three months. Now I don't have anything against putting my MOCs on display for three months; I think that would be excellent, as I never seem to have enough display space for my builds. But Helsinki is 500 kilometers away and that would mean two trips, so it would have been a bit tricky.

So I went and built this scene (Our hero must save Moon Baron's daughter from Plutonian mining robot warrior) in supercharged battle-build-mode while struggling with some other (even stranger) projects (coming soon). I had no sense what I was doing with this; At the beginning it was going to be something somewhat serious, some öögämöögä alien dude in cool space suit. I built a head from him. It used Jar Jar Binks head and mixel eyes and a homemaker cap, and I might do something with it. Or not. Likely it'll sail around my tables for nine months and then be disassembled for parts.

Somehow it turned out to be battle robot straight from old B-movie. Actually I was inspired by Fordibben Planet film poster a friend of mine bought from London, though I hadn't seen it for three months and in my memories the robot in it looked more like this. Oh well. This came out very toy-like, which encanhed the B-movie feel; Black and red works always. I also tried to use as much odd pieces as possible; there is a dice as the head, old train cargo pieces as pauldrons, egg dome from Agents set Robo Attck and one of my three Rock Riders drills (a late addition; I polished it and everything). But I'm most proud of the leg armor, which uses couple of old town crib pieces bought from a convention. The work rather nicely with CBBS armor.

The minifigs... I wanted to damsel in distress (this is from old B-movie, after all) have enough odd bling. The princess head from series something was rather nice. The hero was more armored and serious at the beginning, but I wanted to go completely pulp and make him as odd as possible. He has astronaut torso from series one, moustache piece, vampire/Wolverine hair, Vitruvius's cape, TRANSPARENT ORANGE CHAINSAW and trans-medium-blue shield. Do not mess with him. He's ridiculous.



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