MOC: Toa Nurukan

Babies and ladies, here's the (likely) last Klaanon creation for 2015 (at least before Christmas). This guy is Toa Nurukan, toa of earth. He is old and wise and has a big moustache on his bulky Kakama. He fought on the Great War of Metru Nui, but his memories have been manipulated: But they include hazy references to weapon organization The Black Hand and high officer ranks... Nurukan was also a close friend of Deleva and Umbra.

Nurukan is in some way a MOC that could be called Toa-mod, but I think I slipped in enough interesting details. The mask is brick-built, as it had to have a friendly muttonchops moustache (copied from Bombur, har har) and regular black Kakama looked too dynamic and light for the character. There's quite lot of SYSTEM overall, in the arms, chest armor (using old satellite solar panels - I like them!) and belt-mounted canteen (based on Finnish or Swedish military ones).

I wanted Nurukan to have military quality on him, but this old chap isn't so much of a warrior any more. He has wrist blades (with surprisingly working mechanism), which are not very logical weapon choice for old trench monster like him, but they probably refer to something in his past (I'm not spoiling you, if you want to read thousand of pages on Finnish Bionicle fanfiction. But good one, mind you.)

There's also a lot of more HF stuff than actual Bionicle parts. The blocky armor add-ons used on the knees and pauldrons are among my favorite pieces, though the round ones are even better. Bulked up Metru feet are used tho bring on a bit of Bionicle feel. They also create nice boot-like profile with the heavily armored lower legs.



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