MOC: Lingeán

Ding and dong and trallallaa! It's the first actually cold day of winter here (though it'll warm up again next week, sadly) and I bring you the third piece of my Four Seasons project and naturally it's Spring, named Lingeán; a bit of a pun here, if you pardon. Lingeán is Gaeilge for Spring, but not in sense of season, but a device (Spiral spring). Oh boy it's funny. But Season-Spring would have been something like "Eaargh" so I went with this.

There were, again, some key ideas behind this. First and foremost I wanted her to be bare-footed, with tons of flowers sprouting behind her footsteps. Using those hot air balloon parts as flower-like dress was another. I won that set, (my first Friends set - Don't like them minidolls but nice hairpieces) on LUG event on "Build scene of marriage crisis in the kitchen with parts of 40107 Winter Skating Scene in ten (?) minutes". They worked nicely with Karzahni's beautiful marbled armor plates. I have used them in similar fashion before.
With bare feet I wanted to make bare legs too, a thing I had never tried in tan before. What a challenge! I think they look alright, the shaped could be a bit stronger, but it works. But it's very fragile and hard to balance, and impossible to pose otherwise. I think I should change the ankle joints into ratcheted ones for the sake of stability.

The upper torso consist mostly of rather ordinary green pieces bought mostly from LEGO stores in Britain and LUGBULK. Rahksi heads used as shoulder pads make the total number of Bionicle parts used here four. That's quite bit less than on the previous ones, Forfhuarú and Fómhar. The lower arms are white; Partly due to make a difference, and also to save me from using precious tan 1x1 tiles with clips. I don't have many and couple of them are partly broken.

The hair's the best part here in my opinion. It took a while. Actually, this final design come together in matter of minutes; But it took hours to get there. I started with reddish brown bows used on this final version, but tried to built sort of curled hair tied behind the back; But the curves were too big. I battled with it for some time and ditched the idea, end went with some radical colors, including glorious medium azure. The previous MOCs in this series had white and orange hair, neither of which look completely natural but are nor super strage. But the azure didn't work, and I didn't have enough right pieces. So I picked up the bows again, and made them turn sideways in an extremely wind-swept way. It looked great! Some curved slopes in the end made it look natural, and even one of those odd hollow spike pieces in reddish brown finally found its use.

In all, this is not very radical figure; Neither was Fómhar, the autumn girl. But Forfhuarú (Winter which I still don't remember how to spell) had those huge cold wings and the icicle crown, so I think the summer one's got to have something special and more fantasy-esque. But I do not know what, so time will tell. See you.



Miro said...

That skirt makes it sparkle. Heads up, they are coming out in some sort of dark orange color of them in the 2016 Ninjago sets. I look forward to seeing you work them in to your next figure.

Eero said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward them too, they are really nice and unique pieces. Prison island also has them in black and red.

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