MOC: Nux-Imitation Terror Rod

 "Okay guys, this is a cool ride, you can let me down now. Guys? Guys? Goddammit, let me down! Guys! Ernie! Goddammit!"
 You know I'm not much of a car builder, but there was a vehicle category in our LUGs Model Expo contests and I decided to go full Fury Road. Of course it didn't have to be a car, the winner was a big grand cruiser by Legorides, but somehow I ended up with this. I also though of making early 1900s style tram, but didn't have enough time (wait for the next post for reasons). I came fourth with a tie.

This is of course sort of a mock-up of Nux car from Mad Max Fury Road. It ended up being more similar to the original; I though of making it a bit more civilized but it didn't work. I though that a gang of automobile enthusiasts saw the film a wanted to build something similar, and the two stronger fellows ended up tieing their butt monkey in the front. The rest is history. Or actually, this MOC.

There isn't too much to say there. The exhaust piping is probably the main attraction, pneumatic tubing proved its worth once again and I think those odd chima two-colored flame pieces bring life to otherwise rather monochromatic build. I'm also happy with the explosive spears angled using the tiny ball joints at the ends of those antennas (antennae?) I had to hunt a pair from Pii Poo 's brick sale tables as the spears in the front were dark bley and dark grey at the beginning of our exhibit.



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