MOC: Atelier

 This atelier, or an artist commune's workshop, was built for Collaboration building contest, building category, on our Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's large exhibit on Model Expo 2016. The requirements were 32x32, 32x48 or 32x64 on modular base with minimum 25 cm (a bit less than one foot) of height. As I had built several modular townhouses for our modular city, I wanted to do something completely different; Last year my entry on the very same category was Ambrose Street 23. I got the fourth place on both audience and LUG member voting (tied in the latter) and got Basic brick box set and a Creator loc cabin (the one with a moose).

Building this started with probably the most striking feature, the tower with boats as (fake) window frames. I've seen boats used in similar fashion before, but never with those half-circle windows I got from Friends Grand Hotel won from Eurobricks' Winter Village Contest. They looked such nice together, despite the studded floor of the boat showing through. The also created a nice wooden color scheme which seemed fitting for the thue nature of the building.

 Sand green is another color I used here along the brown shades. It looked nice and bleached, which helped to emphasize the nostalgic athmospehre of the atelier. I also had hundreds of sand green cheese slopes from LUGBULK and this seemed like a perfect chance to use them. Cheese slope pattern on roof looks always great!
This is obviously inspired by Pekkala Mansion in my hometown, which hosts a public art school. I've studied there as a hobby (three hours a week) for nine years and recently worked there as a trainee for three months, so artist life in not completely alien to me, no...

As this is an atelier, there is no need for sleeping facilities. There's however a small stove and sink for occasional snack and whatever, and naturally an outhouse or a privy on the backyard. The main room has large windows, as good lighting is natural for artistic work. The veranda is large and confortable, and as you can see, most of my artisting minifigs (including great wizard Vitruvius who looks like a great artist in his bathrobe and hippie shirt) are enjoying the fresh air.  



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