MOC: Toa Ruki

Toa Ruki is a semi-important Klaanon character, but she hasn't appeared in the story lately, because she got imprisoned on the Nazorak Empire's battleship SS Ironwing in 2011 or something and has been in captive even since. She is a Toa of Water with little or no battle experience, as she has trained to use her elemental powers for healing purposes; A classic fantasy class healer clerk chick here. She used to work as the reception of Bio-Klaani before the roaches but her behind the bars. Now you know that.

I've build Ruki before, in 2011. The MOC wasn't perfect, of course, but it was quite good back then. The upper leg design used here have been in continual use ever since, last used in Mace-Bearer. The old Ruki remained built for years and outlived most my creations, until I got tired of it few months ago. The shaping was just outdated and odd. So started to mod and build an entirely new torso using LUGBULKed Space Kitty tails to create wave-like shapes similar to movie version of Hahli.

The torso came out pretty nicely, and I left the rest of the MOC unchanged, photographed it and show it to some other Klaanon writers. I got some honest and essential feedback: The old legs were way too thick for the new torso, making the proportions very odd, and I myself highly disliked the old arms. I left Ruki standing (lying) on my WIP table until today. I worked the whole morning/midday on this, remaking the limbs entirely and redoing most of the already reworked torso. I also gave Ruki a little writing pad as she's the reception worked who likes well-done paperwork.

Technical details? The shoe design is altered from Japanese builder TAN, used on several of my creations. The lower legs are purely SYSTEM now (except for ball joints) as the old design was too thick. The Kiina armor skirt was always there, but I buffed it up with two more pieces (bricklinked a few, I like those a lot). The black battle droid fingers are not the best option, but I still haven't got any dark blue or blue ones and black skeletons arms are still quite rare. That's it, pretty much.




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