MOC: Mace-bearer

Sorry for inactivity during these couple of months. I've been working, but don't get that wrong - I've also built a lot! I have been working on modular buildings for our LUG show at Model Expo 2016 in April. I have five buildings to do, three of them are mosty done, and then there's an additinal stand-alone house for a contest. It's somewhat refreshing to work on minifig scale, but don't worry, I've had time for some character builds too... Here's the first, though there's another, completely different one coming soon.

Who is this? No idea! But the idea was to build a muscular warrior with a spiked mace, using dark green with those glorious speckle-black copper KK2 armor pieces. I think this is a female character, being of the same "theme" than builds like Cyira the Paladin and Annya. But I though that hell, no need to underscore the gender this time: Let's make this somewhat realistic costume to wear when swingin around a spiked mace. This decision was done when I plugged those armor pieces to lower legs. Otherwise the legs are my (boring) old type 1 female legs back from 2011 or something like that. Of course there's the long hair, but men can be have long hair too (Hippes, for example, and heavy-guvs. And cavemen). The hair's almost like a mane here, but it adds nice dynamics to the build, right?

The head overall was the challenging part. I liked the use that awesome KK2 mask part (Was is Karzon? Or was Karzon the yellow dragon fellow? Don't remember them KK2 guvs). The first version has also one of those shoulder/knee armor parts as a helmet (I have five) but it didn't fly... It was hard to connect properly and didn't really look good. It also had more samurai-like horns that weren't that good neither. These parts feel off eventually. For long this version had the bat-cross thing stolen from Moko's ancient minifigs on the forehead, but it was moved into the dramatic-looking brazier; sometimes simpler's the better.

This was a fast build. I made the legs in tomorrow morning and 90 per cent of the rest in couple of hours the same evening. This was finished today, though it was much slower progress than on yesterday. But around six hours, I'd say, on a model that is based on nothing. Pretty good.



Unknown said...


Reminds me of the Frightening Knight from Lego Minifigures series 15.

Great work!

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